The most romantic city in the world, according to you (and it isn't Paris)

Love is in the air. And so are planes, thousands of them, gliding above the clouds to transport lovebirds to the most stomach-tumblingly romantic cities on planet Earth. The question is, which is the most romantic city of them all? Our Telegraph Travel love expert, Ben Parker,...

Cast your votes – which is the most romantic city in the world?

Oh, Valentine’s Day. What would the lovebirds of Planet Earth do without you? Alright. There’s plenty to be cynical about this hollow, consumerist exploitation of our romantic sensibilities. It empties our pockets, encourages stomach-churning cross-table hand-holding...

UK coastal walks: how to explore the timeless land of Dorset's Golden Cap

With the Golden Cap itself prominent in the landscape and the Isle of Portland sitting in the far horizon on a clear day, this walk offers picnic spots with “great views” all along the hilltop, before moving onto the landscapes that characterised Thomas Hardy’s...

20 of Britain's most romantic destinations

Mankind needs beauty in the same way it needs romantic love. It can function perfectly well without it, and millions have to, but without these things our lives are poorer. There will always be a yearning for that special place or that special someone. In Britain, as a small...

26 of the best wildlife holidays in Asia, Oceania and the Americas

We’ve already covered the best safari holidays for Europe and Africa. Here we look at the best animal adventures in Asia, Oceania and the Americas. Far East 1. Siberian tiger safari Measuring 13ft from nose to tail, the Siberian tiger is the biggest cat on the...

LA for £175, half-price Maldives and more – the best Black Friday travel deals so far

Black Friday is almost here. The annual orgy of high street sales and bickering shoppers is now only days away, but the discounting has already started in earnest. Here are some of the deals that have caught our eye. We’ll be posting more offers here as and when we get...

Everything we know so far about the first cruise ship from Virgin

When Richard Branson sneezes the world catches a cold. So it’s not surprising that when Branson first said the words “cruise ship” in 2017 cruisers and non-cruisers alike sat up. You can bet your bottom dollar that cruise convention will be thrown overboard....

November is the greatest month to escape Britain – here's where to go

November might just be the perfect time to escape Britain. The days are short, the weather often woeful, leaving many of us stuck in a gloom that lingers until Christmas. So get away for a few days and recharge the batteries. Few people do so in the run-up to the festive season,...

Three underwater wonders you must experience

It’s an oft quoted fact, that we know far more about Space than what goes on under the sea. And that makes it all the more delightful to explore. Here are three ways to combine your next holiday with an underwater venture… Marine life Manta rays in the Maldives ...

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