Everything we know so far about the first cruise ship from Virgin

When Richard Branson sneezes the world catches a cold. So it’s not surprising that when Branson first said the words “cruise ship” in 2017 cruisers and non-cruisers alike sat up. You can bet your bottom dollar that cruise convention will be thrown overboard....

November is the greatest month to escape Britain – here's where to go

November might just be the perfect time to escape Britain. The days are short, the weather often woeful, leaving many of us stuck in a gloom that lingers until Christmas. So get away for a few days and recharge the batteries. Few people do so in the run-up to the festive season,...

Three underwater wonders you must experience

It’s an oft quoted fact, that we know far more about Space than what goes on under the sea. And that makes it all the more delightful to explore. Here are three ways to combine your next holiday with an underwater venture… Marine life Manta rays in the Maldives ...

The eight destinations everyone loves – except me

Some elements of travel are objective: everyone likes to escape the drudgery of the daily grind, to deviate their lives from the norm, to see a part of the world they do not usually call their own. Beyond that, it’s everyone for themselves. There is nothing wrong with...

18 of the best Christmas markets in Europe – and where to stay

Christmas markets in Europe form the perfect setting to get into the holiday spirit, with the sweet aroma of mulled wine and cinnamon spice and the echo of Christmas jingles in the air, and market stalls full of festive fare.   Home to the some of the world’s most...

12 amazing all-inclusive hotels in Greece

An expert guide to the best all-inclusive hotels in the Greek Islands, including the top places to stay for kid’s clubs, family-friendly facilities, watersports, beach access, swimming pools, spas, tennis courts and rooms with sea views. CORFU Aeolos Beach Hotel While the...

The Irish seaside town with a closely guarded secret

Since the early 9th century when the Vikings first set foot on these shores, Wexford has grown accustomed to invasion. In the summer months, this small yet pretty harbour town is mostly overrun by hordes of Dubliners flocking to the ‘sunny south east’ for a weekend...

13 reasons why Melbourne is the world's greatest city

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been discovering the joys of Melbourne, regularly listed among the world’s greatest cities in which to live. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2018 report put it 2nd, behind only Vienna, and it took top spot in 2015, 2016 and 2017....

How to take the ultimate autumn photo (and have yours featured by us)

The leaves are turning, the temperature is dropping, the nights are drawing in. But this is no time for hunkering down next to a crackling fire (there’s plenty of time for that in the coming months). Now is the time to grab your camera, or indeed smart phone, put on some...

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