The world's longest and fastest urban zip wire has just opened in London

The walkie-talkie crackled and I heard the safety instructor behind me say: “Please step back. Do not jump.” Not exactly what you want to hear when you’ve just mustered up the kahunas to walk the plank off a 35-metre high launch deck, with nothing but a harness...

A timeline of overtourism: key moments in the global battle between locals and travellers

This week Amsterdam’s main political parties announced radical measures to curb the so-called “Disneyfication” of the Dutch capital. A coalition of four parties issued a pledge of agreed reforms to “provide balance in the city”, including banning...

Self-boarding is here – but do you feel safe getting on a plane without any human checks?

Not long ago the process of boarding a flight involved interacting with at least three people: one at the check-in desk, another to inspect your boarding pass before security, and then a final passport and ticket confirmation at the gate. But in recent years the human interaction...

Pilot 'sucked halfway out' of plane after windshield broke at 32,000 feet – how often does this happen?

A Chinese passenger jet was forced to make an emergency landing after the co-pilot was ‘sucked halfway out’ of the cockpit after the windshield shattered in mid-air. Speaking to the Chengdu Economic Daily, Captain Liu Chuanjian said that the aircraft had just reached...

The end of Club 18-30? Why millennials are turning their backs on boozy breaks

Like a warm bottle of beer, perched against a kerb after the wild night before – and then kicked over, to evaporate in the morning sun – Club 18–30 may soon be about to disappear, leaving behind nothing but a regrettable hoppy whiff in the resort towns that...

Would you book your next holiday on Instagram or Whatsapp?

Holidays have always been at the heart of social media. We shout about them on Instagram with saturated snaps of our sausage legs and symmetrical plates of food. We organise holidays via messaging platforms like WhatsApp, and create trip photo albums on Facebook. But social media...

The destinations waging war on fast food

Venice officials have made yet another attempt to reduce the impact of mass tourism by banning takeaway food outlets from opening in the city. The regulation will prevent any new pizza outlets, kebab shops and street food stalls from opening in Venice, as well as the outlying...

Holidays in the shadow of the world’s most active volcanoes

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has erupted, prompting a local state of emergency and the evacuation of thousands of residents in the surrounding area. The eruption follows over 100 small earthquakes on Big Island in recent days and began at 4.45pm local time (2.45am GMT). While...

Mapped: the European cities you will soon be able to reach direct by train

Passengers could soon be able to travel direct from London to Bordeaux in under five hours on a new high-speed train line. The proposed route will reduce the travelling time down from the current journey of five hours, 25 minutes and eliminates the need to disembark for a...

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